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Frigger has a new blog, and it’s frig nasty.

It would seem right to do a small introduction here, after all, i couldn’t just unload a bunch of weird, and useless rambling on everyone without them even knowing where it is all coming from now, can I?  The name is actually Frigger, its what those close to me have been calling me since early high school, and comes from my last name which is similar in spelling, but not pronunciation. There is certainly nothing good that can come out of this blog, i am certain of this, but yet i do it anyways.  Its moments like this that really come to question my actual motives, but you can rest assured that i am stoned as hell.  I am currently a floor installer (carpet, tile, linoleum etc.) for a very reputable painting company, and my previous work history includes roofing, forklift operator, landscaping, selling weed, grocery stock, H.V.A.C. installation, cigarette stamping, fireplace installation, shipping/receiving manager, painter, and maybe 10-15 other jobs that ultimately had no real influence on my memory at the moment. I am a 28 year old American male, who drinks, smokes, tokes, works hard for very little, swears above average, and takes very little seriously. Needless to say i end up in trouble for one reason or another on a regular basis.  I get banned from websites that i actively participate in, and tend to strike a certain nerve in the ignorance that i frequently stumble into. I suppose a good way of describing my life would be a constant stumbling into random madness. I work hard, but I am fluidly sarcastic, and negligent of anyone’s feelings towards me, but im honest and upfront, have a strong core of friends, and am not trying to get anything i didn’t earn.  I reside in good old western New York, where the winters are depressingly cold, and the summers seem to last only 2 months. I am a very passionate sabres and bills fan, although my football team inst worth a dick on a cantaloupe, my hockey team has the best goalie in the nhl right now, and they look like serious contenders for a good playoff push this year.

With all that being said, I am Frigger.  Its hard to say what you are going to find here, the only certainty here is that if you are reading anything that i blog, i will have been stoned when i wrote it.  Now this is going to lead to several different things, depending on my mood, amount of rest, and grade of grass i had been smoking. I have a few things that i want to accomplish with this, but whether or not i actually get any of it done, we’ll just have to see.  Keep in mind that i am entirely new to all of this, i dont mind criticism, have it be constructive, or just plain mean, i will carry on my day the same, i am certain of this, but please always feel free to comment, or suggest anything that is on your mind.

i am currently considering calling the local waste management company, and demanding they come back to my address,  because they positioned my garbage can in a manner which allowed it to roll into the middle of the street, causing difficulty for the passing traffic. Normally i would just go get it myself, but its 20 fucking degrees out there, and i did not irresponsibly place the trash can in place which would allow for it to become a nuisance on the neighborhood. There is no reason why i should have to go out there, and be looked down on by my neighbors for something i actually go out of my way to prevent. I demand justice, this is some bullshit.

I think they should sell red bull by the 2 liter, and not because I drink it, I do not really care for it, but I dont understand why they don’t do it. Even if they had to charge like $8 dollars a bottle, people would buy it by the fucking case.  They could have kids sucking down 4 liters a day, all wired, shaking, and smashing their video game controller into their face, screaming “RAPE!” at some 4 year old Asian, destroying them at call of duty. Mom just thinks “maybe i should give him his next pill” when really he’s got so much “wings”, his heart and eyeballs are about to simultaneously explode, and shoot pure tourine all over the wall. Pepsi not too long ago came out with a product called Mt. Dew “Game Fuel”, and not game as is sport, but video game. They are actually encouraging our youth to drink more caffine loaded soda’s  in an effort to sit around and play more video games?? Get all wired up, and sit around?? Not only that, but they also picked “world of warcraft” as the game to coincide with their advertising campaign. Which is a game that sucks peoples lives away, that is the game that people just completely stop participating in life in order to play. Some have quit their jobs, and secluded themselves to their mothers basement, in order to play it for 22 straight hours a day. And how do they manage to only get 2 hours of sleep a night? Mt. Dew’s Game Fuel!!!! That’s how. There is something terribly wrong with Pepsi’s marketing team, with all their money, and resources, they absolutely must take advantage of this demographic by exploiting it for the destruction of ambition, and personal interaction in society? Why dont they ever come out with anything like “Pepsi’s homeless feeding cola”? why cant they feed some god damn starving children? I suppose homeless babies don’t make up a large enough percentage of their customer base. Its really something else, but I must go on that note, until next time friends and foes-Frigger.


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