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Racist America, stupidity at it’s finest.

First order of business- Racism.  I am a 28 year old white male, when i was a kid, racism really mostly involved white’s hating on every other color out there.  That would not hold true though,  as for quite a few years now racism is more evident in the blacks and Hispanics, towards the ones that taught them what true discrimination was really about.  True there is no form of extreme hatred organizations towards the whites like the ku klux klan, but the hatred that is felt towards the white man is hard to ignore.  I understand what our white ancestors did, but i also understand that I personally did not do any of that, to anyone.  I have not enslaved anyone,  I have not made you sit in the back of a bus, or told anyone to drink out of  a separate water fountain than me.  I have respected those who respected me,  so why have i come across so many people of different races that have treated me with less respect than the people of their race?  I’ve fucking been there, right up in the belly of the beast,  and they looked at me like i was a 300 lb. man wearing a speedo.  I was a forklift operator for Goya foods, they have locations all over the U.S. and produce a fairly large amount of rice, beans, and Hispanic foods.  My boss was Hispanic, along with 70-80% of my co-workers,  and the racism, and discrimination I received still has my head spinning 7 months later.  After working at this place for 8 months, I maintained a rather insignificant status at the company, and watched Hispanics receive promotions after just 2 fucking weeks of being employed.  I ended up getting fired for verbally expressing my feelings about what was happening around me, you had to be fucking blind not to see it, and even though i put out double the work than anyone around me, i was absolutely nothing to them.  Now the moment someone came in, and had trouble speaking English, they were my new boss, even though they did not know how the place ran,  and were unable to communicate with us.  I tried to resolve the situation by discussing it with human resources,  They were seeming sympathetic, but I could tell it was because they were good at their jobs, and were going to do their best to bury the situation.  I wrote them a letter telling them that i will have the last laugh in this situation, but unfortunately they are quite confident in the ability of protecting their asses. Which by all means is alright with me,  however  Goya will remember me for quite some time,  and i feel that my experience there was truly for the best.  Although there is something very strange about the place,  like why there is such a large amount of hispanics that are unable to speak English, working in town that is 98% white?  And why did my boss appear to be on a different drug on a daily basis?  Why were the people that did the least amount of work promoted the quickest??  Why in a drug free work place, were my co-workers drug addicts, and gang members??  What the fuck is going on at Goya?  I spent quite a bit of time there observing all that was to be noted at that place, and I am very uncertain of the true goal at hand at that place.  I truly worked hard there, as i do at any job i work.  My references will ensure that if it can be done, i will do it at a rate that is rarely seen in this day of age, and yet i got fired being told that i stopped production because i talked to much.  The actual fact is i was responsible for getting people to actually do their work so i could go the fuck home.  So whats left now?  I have a few things in mind, but only sweet precious time will tell. Racism is fucking bullshit, and for people that are suppose to be fighting against it, to be so blatantly racist towards the people they want respect from, is just complete idiocy, it’s like selling diet pills with a free fucking pizza.  If you really want to fight racism, YOU CAN NOT BE RACIST!!!!!! I for one will be fighting racism by avoiding Goya products, and advising all to do the same.  That is where true racism is manifesting,  and I could never support an organization responsible for promoting everything that is wrong in the world today.  If you have a similar story of racism in the world today, i would love to hear it, maybe even use it (with full credit) as an example in future racism related projects please email me at In closing i leave you this- Racism, it’s just fucking stupid.