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Racist America, stupidity at it’s finest.

First order of business- Racism.  I am a 28 year old white male, when i was a kid, racism really mostly involved white’s hating on every other color out there.  That would not hold true though,  as for quite a few years now racism is more evident in the blacks and Hispanics, towards the ones that taught them what true discrimination was really about.  True there is no form of extreme hatred organizations towards the whites like the ku klux klan, but the hatred that is felt towards the white man is hard to ignore.  I understand what our white ancestors did, but i also understand that I personally did not do any of that, to anyone.  I have not enslaved anyone,  I have not made you sit in the back of a bus, or told anyone to drink out of  a separate water fountain than me.  I have respected those who respected me,  so why have i come across so many people of different races that have treated me with less respect than the people of their race?  I’ve fucking been there, right up in the belly of the beast,  and they looked at me like i was a 300 lb. man wearing a speedo.  I was a forklift operator for Goya foods, they have locations all over the U.S. and produce a fairly large amount of rice, beans, and Hispanic foods.  My boss was Hispanic, along with 70-80% of my co-workers,  and the racism, and discrimination I received still has my head spinning 7 months later.  After working at this place for 8 months, I maintained a rather insignificant status at the company, and watched Hispanics receive promotions after just 2 fucking weeks of being employed.  I ended up getting fired for verbally expressing my feelings about what was happening around me, you had to be fucking blind not to see it, and even though i put out double the work than anyone around me, i was absolutely nothing to them.  Now the moment someone came in, and had trouble speaking English, they were my new boss, even though they did not know how the place ran,  and were unable to communicate with us.  I tried to resolve the situation by discussing it with human resources,  They were seeming sympathetic, but I could tell it was because they were good at their jobs, and were going to do their best to bury the situation.  I wrote them a letter telling them that i will have the last laugh in this situation, but unfortunately they are quite confident in the ability of protecting their asses. Which by all means is alright with me,  however  Goya will remember me for quite some time,  and i feel that my experience there was truly for the best.  Although there is something very strange about the place,  like why there is such a large amount of hispanics that are unable to speak English, working in town that is 98% white?  And why did my boss appear to be on a different drug on a daily basis?  Why were the people that did the least amount of work promoted the quickest??  Why in a drug free work place, were my co-workers drug addicts, and gang members??  What the fuck is going on at Goya?  I spent quite a bit of time there observing all that was to be noted at that place, and I am very uncertain of the true goal at hand at that place.  I truly worked hard there, as i do at any job i work.  My references will ensure that if it can be done, i will do it at a rate that is rarely seen in this day of age, and yet i got fired being told that i stopped production because i talked to much.  The actual fact is i was responsible for getting people to actually do their work so i could go the fuck home.  So whats left now?  I have a few things in mind, but only sweet precious time will tell. Racism is fucking bullshit, and for people that are suppose to be fighting against it, to be so blatantly racist towards the people they want respect from, is just complete idiocy, it’s like selling diet pills with a free fucking pizza.  If you really want to fight racism, YOU CAN NOT BE RACIST!!!!!! I for one will be fighting racism by avoiding Goya products, and advising all to do the same.  That is where true racism is manifesting,  and I could never support an organization responsible for promoting everything that is wrong in the world today.  If you have a similar story of racism in the world today, i would love to hear it, maybe even use it (with full credit) as an example in future racism related projects please email me at In closing i leave you this- Racism, it’s just fucking stupid.


How do you forget that you drove, when it’s winter??

Here’s an interesting situation, that happened on a seemingly normal Thursday night. My friend, we’ll call him “Jake”, has been working a lot lately and i have not seen him in about a week.  So he had off and wanted to drink some beers, I said “OK lets do it” , and so we did just that with a few other friends of ours.  Things were going just swell, and it got to be about 30 minutes before the store closed, and we realized that more beer was in order. Jake decided he would go get more beer, the store is about a 10 minute walk away from my house, but its January in western new york, and is what i consider depressingly cold outside.  So naturally he drove down there, he went in, purchased an 18 pack of bottles, walked out of the store, walked right by his car, and carried the fairly large case of beer all the way to my house through a foot and a half of snow, and 20 degree weather.  At no time realizing that he didn’t have to carry it to my house because he drove down there.  Well we did not know for about 45 minutes, until someone went out into the driveway to meet someone, and noticed that the car wasn’t there. My girlfriends brother asked Jake if he left the car at the store, and he responded “no!”,  but said it as if there was no way he could of done something like that. So when they asked him where it was, he said “fuck, i must of left it at the store.”  This i found to be beyond funny, i just couldnt figure out how it had happened with the level of shitty it was outside,  this was no warm summer night, and he carried a case of beer up a huge hill that my house sits atop.  How do you walk right by your car, and carry on as if all is fine??  The situation alone is enough to seriously question my friends state of well being, but  in a tale of amazing occurrences, the guy fucking did it again an hour later.  He decided to go to the pizzeria for some food, drove down there, parked directly in front of the door, bought his food, walked out the door, passed his car, and then carried his food all the way to my house. The first thing they asked him when he came in was if he forgot the car again, i walked by them, and laughed thinking there was no way it happened again, until someone rushed over to me to tell me that he did in fact do it again. They decided to go get the car this time, while i giggled and tried to pry Jake’s mind a little bit to find out what the hell was going on here, but he said very little, as he shoved food into his mouth. When they got back with the car they informed me that he had parked directly in front of the door to the place,  and he had to see it as he walked right by it. At that point I scanned the place quickly, but found Jake nowhere to be found. I talked to him last night when he was here and apparently he decided to eat some pills that i like to call “mind erasers”, which more than explains his actions, I’ve seen it before, when you mix those things with alcohol, you can drink like a fish on them, and not realize how fucked up you actually are. Of course you’ll never really know either, because unless someone tells you about your behavior, it is forever lost.  So in closing,  thank you Jake for an unbelievable laugh, i really needed that one.

Blogging responsibly: a tale of irresponsible blogging

I”m still new to all of this, and i have from time to time, had my difficulties with this site i chose to blog on.  So after perusing a few of the smaller options, that I initially glanced over, i found this-

“There is no limit to the number of blogs you can have, so create to your heart’s content, but blog responsibly.”

There are a few thoughts that come to mind here, and responsibility was nothing that i really had planned on here.  Writing is my escape from conformity, the place i can go to let loose, reflect, and see the world with more understanding eyes.  That being said, it should be stated that my eyes regularly burn with indifference.  I can cross the line, i stay behind it, or i can spit on it in disgust.  The line is there as an option,  its not a wall,  or a laser death trap,  it was drawn,  and allows us options as to what to do with it.  irresponsible

It should be fairly evident that i have crossed my fair share of lines regarding writing with responsibility,  and the thing is, I am always going to.  I am aware of my actions,  and i am actually quite humored by them, not only that, but the people around me are humored by them as well.  I am in certain words, a mess of a  human being, and tend to do my most amusing work when i am inebriated beyond reasonable control. Take for instance this very moment, i am stoned to the point of great confusion, the weed is left over from Christmas, there’s not much of it left, but the buds are covered in so many crystals, they look like little Christmas villages. Anyways, when i get the itching to write, it is when i am all buzzed up, and completely prepared to break any rule set in front of me.

I am at the current moment, attempting to repair a slight amount of damage i created all liquored up, and not at all in my right mind.  I used to upload links to a movie streaming site, a video streaming site that allows you to watch movies and television shows through various video host.  I found links to video’s that people wanted, and then posted them on the site for them to watch. I mainly scanned through the request section and did what i could to find the older, and more obscure movies, that require a little bit more searching than recently released films that are uploaded by slews of the community.

Well I posted a few bad links because i neglected to properly screen them, they warned me, and i complied, and things were well until i ended up posting a link to a movie that was apparently on a “competitor” site. I was really unaware that it was a competitor site, it was new to me and appeared to be a file hosting site which was more than acceptable. Well it wasn’t, and they sent me a message informing me of my wrong doing, administering an “infraction” and threatening to ban me.  I was already shit faced hammered when i received the message, so a quick response was absolutely necessary. I simply explained the situation as i did here, but i apparently threw in a few (a lot) curse words. And that seemed to completely overshadow the real case at hand here, because after that, a few more letters were exchanged, and they ended up banning me for life for swearing. In fact the message i received after attempting to log in read this:

Date the ban will be lifted: Never???  Was what i did really that bad??   I think where things really went wrong, is when i called them “movie nazi’s” and “douche bags” in an open forum. One member actually openly admitted he thought it was funny, but they all spoke out against him, so i got piss drunk, and sent completely foul ramblings. It was after that i was no longer welcome, and they told me that it was because it is a family site, and that kind of behavior is not acceptable. Now that is where i find this whole situation is no longer sensible.  Am i to understand that illegal video streaming is a wholesome, family oriented activity?  That the child’s parents who discover their child’s internet activity will be most concerned with my language in a forum that is unlikely to be viewed by any children?  Are the children that are pirating movies such  good mannered, religious and wholesome  kids who are deeply offended by shit poor language?  This is the part of the argument that you completely lose me.  I think it was because i had the nerve to question them, and tell them they were doing a bad job at being reasonable people. I think i was so harsh, but so right, that i had to be eliminated before i could talk anymore, which i most certainly would of done.

So like i said earlier, i have made an attempt to repair this situation.  I apologized for my behavior, and told them i was interested in making things right.  They referred to this situation as me “going crazy”,  which had i known what was going to happen in the end, that would have had more merit.  I believe we are both to be blamed equally, both sides in this were trying to hog the covers,  its just that they decided to not let me jump into bed anymore.  So in the end, the lesson to be learned here is this,  children are impressionable,  and a huge part of illegal online entertainment.  The next time your streaming a movie online,  make sure to be aware of the family oriented environment you are in.