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The Lovely Bones leaked: “almost perfect copy”

I was with a few friends yesterday and stumbled upon the movie “The Lovely Bones”, i had seen a preview for it a while back at the movies, and it seemed like a strange flick,  but did not seem like my kind of movie, more of a love story chick flick, than a strange demented film of intrigue.  In any event,  I ended up watching it,  because my girlfriends brother came over a few weeks ago, and said he had heard about it on “The View”,  he’s 18 and seemingly heterosexual, so i expressed my concern of him watching “The View”,  I guess he was in the waiting room of a hospital, and that is what was on for everyone’s viewing pleasure. “Enough!” i said, and checked out the trailer on you-tube.  It was good,  i mean i have seen worse movies,  The guy turns out to be a real sicko,  and it had enough strange visual effects to compliment my buzz.

Well apparently the movie will not be released until Jan. 15th, which took me as a complete surprise. Why? because the copy i watched was just so damn nice, as if it was a perfect dvd copy.  A dvd copy usually does not get leaked until its almost time for it to be released as a dvd, typically a month or so before hand.  So how did this happen?  Well the studio prepared a copy to be considered for the Oscars, and pretty much gift wrapped it for the movie downloading community.  Peter Jackson has discovered the leak, and spoke out against it,  quite harshly in fact.  What Peter Jackson doesn’t know, is that something like this will ultimately not influence the box office numbers for his movie.  The torrent community actually makes up a very low percentage of internet users,  and if the movie is good,  it will only better spread the word of a must see movie.  If the movie is shit,  well im afraid you can not blame online movie downloading.  That would be like shitting into an ice cream cone, and then getting mad when someone told everyone you were selling shit cones.  Now if anything,  in my situation,  this has only helped peoples outlook on the a film they have yet to see.   I would of never went to see this movie,  Peter Jackson himself has stated that this movie was targeted towards  tweens,  and  I will never be paying money to see anything that is targeted towards  tweens,  but since i have seen it,  i am able to tell people that it is a pretty good flick that they will more than likely enjoy. I know my girlfriend liked it, and it wasn’t too bad watching a movie made more for my girlfriend, and not wanting to claw at my face.   The Lovely Bones, I think the title is better suited for a porno,  but it is ultimately worth checking out if your a fan of oscar nominating movies, because it will certainly get its fair share of votes. You can watch the movie from a number of streaming sites such as or you can download it through a torrent such as Vuze or utorrent.