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pit bull puppies, sweet little gremlins.

stoned.  good, i have 5 1/2 week old pit bulls going absolutely crazy.  it would seem the single most important thing to them is having fun, and fun they have.  They are little shit heads that lunge on your feet and dig their tiny little teeth into them.  They are also very accomplished escape artist, i said to my girlfriend last week “ah, the puppies got out!” and she replied “you mean the escapee’s?”.  they are however the cutest fucking things I have ever seen,  its ridiculous how adorable they are, even when they are acting like lunatics, they are cute as shit.  they have an attitude as if they are in charge,  and pounce forwards in an effort to intimidate you. Its all playing and having fun with them, and they have it exactly right, If there is anything a pit bull knows how to do other than make headlines for being savage animals, its having fun, as any pit bull owner can tell you.

The puppies can be quite the task to keep happy, even though they only want 1 of 3 things. all they want is food, clean papers, or to play, that is all they ever want, and they are happy. The only one of those that really takes anytime is the playing, as they need to run around to exert all that pit bull energy, and you don’t even have to play with them, just give them a big open space with some clean rags or something  chew and pull on, and they will hop around crazily all by themselves. It is at that time that i recommend recording it,  because it really is humorous to watch them play with one another.  Also,  if they have clean papers, food, and have played, they may want to go out to go to the bathroom. My last litter i had crying to go out to pee at like 3 weeks old,  it was actually fantastic and helped keep their pen a lot cleaner. They are smart dogs young, and they do not like to roll around in their own shit.

They escaped a few nights ago while we were sleeping, and i do not know how long they were out for, but judging by the amount of fecal matter throughout the house, i estimate it was about 4 days. They knocked the phone off the hook, which led to my boss not being able to reach me, so i woke up to my girlfriend snatching up puppies, and telling me my boss was waiting in the driveway. It was a huge blur, but as i hurried through the house i got quick glimpses of the madness that took place. I put up a video of them crying to reek havoc throughout the house here I know they seem innocent, but they are really little monsters, not by any harmful means, if you watch them, you will see that when they destroy things, they are having the most fun ever.  If your pit bull does not have enough oppurtunities to release its energy, they will chew up the things in your house. If you properly exercise your dog, it will have no reason to chew up your shoe, or pillows. I have a dog that used to go after the things i used all the time, including a down comforter, in which i came home to the rotating fan blowing feathers everywhere, and feathers stuck all over the dogs lips, and she did that while she was in a kennel,  which was apparently too close to my bed to keep everything safe.