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My letter to NBC over Conan/Leno.

I am as some may notice a Conan O’Brien fan, I have been since i was in high school, and after sifting through the whole mess at hand, i decided to write to the executives at NBC. Regardless if you agree with my feelings on this or not, i recommend you do the same if you care about whats going on here.  It was some good fun, here it is.

I do not normally do this, but after reading Conan Brien’s “letter to earth”,  I feel it is necessary to respond to those at the head of the table here. Conan is to put it simply, a gem in a bag full of fecal matter.  There is a reason that he has sat behind that desk, and in front of those camera’s for over 16 years, and your problems stem from modern society evolving, along with some very foolish decisions on your networks part.  This is not  from one of the best late night host in the history of late night host taking over the tonight show.  From what i dug up, this is all because you were greedy pigs, and did not want Leno to go to a rival network, and steal any ratings.  So what you did was put leno on at 10 p.m. and moved the local news to 11 p.m.????  I could of told you what was going to happen, people continued to watch the news at 10 p.m. on other networks, and had little reason to watch it again at 11 p.m. even if they do prefer your news program.  I do not watch the news regularly, but i know millions of people do, and those millions of people have had a routine ever since they could remember, they watch the news at 10 p.m. and then fall asleep, because they woke up early and worked hard that day. Now this I believe is a major contributor to your ratings, whether you want to believe it or not. People fall asleep during or shortly after the 10 p.m. news, therefore leaving the television on during  late night programing.  Putting your news on an hour after everyone else, in a time that people are working very hard, for very little, and have less time for viewing t.v. is like trying to serve people a double cheeseburger for dessert,  they have already eaten, dick.  So now you want to return the news to 10 p.m. (excellent idea by the way) but you want to keep Leno’s hour show,  and at the expense of your viewers, and O’Brien’s feelings.  If Leno is that important to you, then put him on a different time slot, one that is, well….. open?  If you need him so badly, and could just not live with his audience going elsewhere, put him on at 9 p.m., hell put him on at 9 a.m. but  get your act together, and quit screwing around.  Sometimes you have to just let people go,  you have to move forward,  and keep on keeping on, and not clutch to a corpse that just rots more by the day.  Conan has earned his place, Leno earned his place, and then stepped down, but is now shoveing the people in front of him in a rage of selfishness.  Reading Conan’s letter really impressed me, and after watching him for so many years, and thinking i had a slight idea of what he was really like, he has proven to be a bigger man than i could of ever imagined.  Show business is a bitch,  but this guy is a true example of self respect, in a world full of thieves and liers.  So what happens now?  Conan does not find himself wandering the streets looking for a job,  Conan could have done a lot of other things, he had a goal at hand that even andy richter couldnt see out fully through.  He left to go do 27 movies and over 30 different television shows, What??!!  Do you know what Conan would of done in that time??  But he stayed loyal, and kept his part of the deal, HE KEPT HIS PART OF THE DEAL!!!  You did not, you twisted around the whole programing schedule, and then said “whoa, people dont like it, lets fuck it up some more!!!”  I apologize for my foul language, but it is the best way to most accurately express my feelings torwards this whole mess. If you want to make things right, just let leno go, put things back the way they were, and admit you guys got a little silly there for a minute.  By the way, SNL is terrible these days too, and from what i hear Charlie Murphy is interested in being in the cast. He was a huge contributor to the Chappelle show, and you see how well that show did, or maybe you did not, and that’s part of the reason why SNL is doing as well as it is.  In closing, great job in fucking everything up, count one less viewer here.

the frigs.