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Just a little taco thing, or is it thang??

Ho Ho Hope you like to get high,  Whether its just a little stoned,  or ripped, trying to plan an escape in the event of a complete nuclear fallout,  the weed is relief.  No work today,  its a fucking Wednesday,  probably about 15 degree’s with a foot of snow outside,  and i am quite the high lounger at the moment.  Lets talk about taco’s though,  and who would savagely destroy my ability to prepare my most sought out meal at the moment.  I just dont get it,  here’s the thing,  I had a taco kit that has seasoning for a lb. of ground beef,  a pack of taco sauce,  and 12 taco shells,  1 lb. of beef required, and whatever else you enjoy topping off your taco’s with. Well it turns out that inside the box contained only 10 taco shells in an opened wrapper,  nothing else.  So where does one go from here??  How do you figure out what happened here.  What the fuck was done with taco seasoning, a small packet of taco sauce, and 2 shells??   I was on roughly my 4th beer,  a little high,  and quickly scanned through several possible reasons for this,  only to end up completely confused,  enraged,  sad,  and stuck,  all at the same time.  It was far too many emotions to process at that given moment.  Did someone sabotage my future attempt to eat taco’s in an act of hatred?  Was there drunk,  giggleing friends of mine all fucked up in the kitchen, and they decided to eat taco’s without any meat??   like what the fuck?  Neither scenario seems logical,  and I end up laughing,  but at the same time I still want my taco’s.  The meat was already cooking when it was discovered so we had to go with hamburger helper instead,  although delicious,  not the meal i had anticipated.  And what the fuck is the lesson here??  Don’t leave your taco kit sitting in the cabinet if you actually want taco’s?  Always have hamburger helper around?  What the hell do i learn from this one?  It’s just silliness,  but ultimately the main focus of my day.  Had i worked today,  I most certainly would have informed my co-workers of my terrible taco misfortunes the night before, and they too would have had suggestion’s of  possible reason’s behind my taco tragedy.  The terrible taco tragedy of 2009,  I will always think back to it when preparing taco’s, might just always hide the taco kit from now on too, and of all things,  I have to hide the fucking taco kit??  Fuck you guys, whoever it was,  I hope you fucking choke, dick. Happy new year!!!!!!